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An Industry Leader

At Lavender, Inc., safety is a core value instilled throughout the company’s culture, in which we are an industry leader in safety. We believe that our employees are the most important part of the company; therefore, we utilize proactive measures and forward-thinking to alleviate unsafe occurrences in the workplace. We strive to make our job sites free of injury and illness by using top-quality management practices, while continually improving safety in every way possible. We currently have 6 full time Safety Personnel, in which all have OSHA 500 or higher. Every Superintendent and Foreman have OSHA 30, and our full time employees are required to have OSHA 10. Through safety initiatives, our employees report to their Supervisors and Safety Personnel of any potential unsafe occurrences or near miss incidents to promote awareness throughout our company. Our motto is, "Work Safe or Not At All."

We are proud to have held an EMR below .80 for the last 5 years, in which our EMR for 2019 is .66. Our TIR for 2018 is 1.72.

Additionally, we are proud to be certified as a “Drug Free” Company by the State of Alabama, in which all employees are drug tested when hired and random testing is facilitated throughout the company.