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Company History


Lavender, Inc. can be traced back to the modest welding and fabrication company, Lavender Welding, started by Lamont Lavender in 1977. The clientele had been mainly in the forestry industry. Lavender Welding became too large for the original place of business and moved to larger locations twice in the city of Eutaw, Alabama. In 1985, Lamont's brother, Lawrence Lavender, joined the company as a partner. Lavender Welding became Lavender Welding and Machine and moved to Aliceville, AL. A bigger shop with machining capabilities was added, along with the new name. There were five employees including the two owners. Three of the original five are still with the company today. In addition, 40+ employees have been with the company for ten or more years. In 1992, after expanding into larger industrial maintenance and construction with steady growth, the company incorporated into what is now Lavender, Inc.


In the period since 1992, Lavender, Inc. has installed its own metal forming equipment, and has added CAD capabilities. Also in 1992, Lavender, Inc. became an A.S.M.E code shop with code repair, in which vessels and boilers became a large part of their work. Today, Lavender, Inc. has approximately 350 full time employees and 500 part time employees used mainly for mill outages or shutdowns. The company is also on its second generation. Lavender, Inc. continues to strive to perform all activities in a safe and professional manner. Although Lavender, Inc.’s main customer base is in the southeast, the company has customers throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.